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Clothes Hanger

Clothes hangers are our main business, mainly producing environmentally friendly plastic hangers, flocking hangers, metal hangers, which are widely used, including recognition hangers, children's hangers, multi-functional telescopic hangers, etc. To meet the diverse needs of different merchants, sinfo factory specializes in contracting batch services and supports OEM and ODM orders.

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Colgador superior de ropa de plástico para niños de 14"

    Perchas de ropa de plástico de 16.5 "

      Perchas de plástico con clip para pantalones de 12"

        Sinfoo Space Saving Velvet Perchas de terciopelo ultrafinas

          Percha de ropa de metal de 10.6" que ahorra espacio

            Percha mágica para ahorrar espacio de 13"

              Percha de traje de terciopelo de plástico ABS de lujo Sinfoo

                Percha de terciopelo gris sinfoo con forma de flor que ahorra espacio

                  Sinfoo Velvet Bufanda Percha 5 Anillos

                    Sinfoo Percha de ropa de terciopelo en forma de corazón Traceless

                      SINFOO's coat hanger production steps and wholesale advantages


                      SINFOO has its own factory, and each hanger is designed to fit the unique curves of your exquisite suite, so they can stay in shape for years. Our clothing racks are perfect for clothing companies, clothing warehouses, clothing stores, brand stores, supermarket clothing department stores and other scenarios. The quality of the sinfoo hanger is controlled by the ISO 9001 quality system, for which we were certified in 1999. If you want to understand the production process of our factory coat hanger, please look down....


                      The steps of mass production of hangers

                      Take plastic hanger as an example, plastic hanger is light and cheap, and can be dry and wet, customization ability is relatively strong, so it has become the choice of many clothing companies. But many people do not know what the mass production process of plastic hanger is like, today we will take you to understand the production process of plastic hanger:

                      The molding process of plastic coat hanger production generally adopts injection molding. It means sending granular or powdered plastic from the syringe hopper into the cylinder to melt, a process we call plasticizing. After plasticizing, the material is compressed and moved forward under the pressure of the plunger or screw, and is injected into the lower temperature closed mold chamber at a fast speed through the nozzle in front of the cylinder, waiting for the plastic to cool and shape the mold.

                      Wholesale Sourcing Advice

                      In the bulk procurement of plastic hanger, we suggests that you choose to be directly cooperative with plastic hanger manufacturers, so that not only can save the price difference cost of middlemen, but also can greatly save the communication costs, and after-sales problems can also be more timely and effective solution, this procurement method is more recommended. General manufacturers need a very popular coat hanger models and advanced injection molding production equipment, sinfoo factory is no exception.sinfoo plastic hanger has more than 30 hangers exclusive production lines, the weekly output of more than 80,000 pieces, with the conditions to undertake large batch business. We also have warehouses in North America for wholesale plastic racks in more than 60 countries. Make sure to accurately and efficiently meet the needs of all types of business owners, complete coat hanger wholesale orders.

                      If you want to make a unique coat hanger to show the strength of your brand, to play a better promotion effect, the sinfoo factory supports OEM, ODM orders. Can help business owners customize exclusive wholesale racks including color, size, logo, shapes, etc. Clothing brands will need their own logo on the hanger, which is a piece of cake for the hanger makers.Hanger manufacturers are fully equipped, complete process, laser laser, two-color printing, laser color filling, hot stamping, inlaid metal marks, metal lettering and so on are logo carving process, you choose.

                      Sinfoo's strict quality inspection process directly ensures that global partners can cooperate with sinfoo for a long time. Mature coat hanger manufacturers will have their own production line, which includes quality inspection, and the product testing will be very strict. If the product has a problem, you can find the manufacturer for after-sales service, the manufacturer's after-sales service is generally more efficient than other products, the time is more timely. Manufacturers direct sales have a lot of some, but in fact, not every manufacturer has these advantages. If the business owners need to batch purchase clothing hanger, or need to compare more, choose more, choose a secure, reputation, experienced manufacturers for wholesale procurement, can let you save time and effort.

                      The Sinfoo factory has more than 45 years of experience in plastic production, and the main businesses including coat hanger wholesaletag pin wholesale, tag gun wholesale, etc., to support one-on-one customization, helping more than 1,000 business owners worldwide to promote the brand more effectively. If you are a clothing store business owner, clothing company leader, or you need to purchase clothing racks in bulk, please contact us.


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