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Pistola de etiquetas

Tagging devices, also commonly called labellers, are essential tools in the textile and retail sectors for affixing pricing and identification tags to apparel and a variety of goods. These instruments are invaluable for securely attaching cardboard, brand identifiers, and price tags to a wide array of items including clothing, toys, luggage, and more.

Sinfoo manufacturing high quality plastic tag gun products for tailoring and craftsmen since 1979. At Sinfoo Sellers, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of superior Tag Attacher Guns. Our inventory encompasses a diverse array of plastic tag guns and attachments, all available at competitive factory-direct prices. Catering to all your labeling requirements, we provide a multitude of tagging devices, interchangeable tagging gun needles, and tag refills in assorted colors and sizes. Engineered for durability, comfort, and safety, our plastic tag gun products stand out in the industry. Explore our comprehensive collection of tagging guns and accessories on the official Sinfoo website. As a pioneering force in China’s tag gun market, we specialize in delivering unbeatable deals on Tag Guns to international clients, including Amazon shoppers and other global purchasers.
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Pistola etiquetadora fina de aguja larga Sinfoo 9FL

    Pistola etiquetadora estándar de aguja larga Sinfoo 9SL

      Pistola etiquetadora larga Sinfoo 60L

        Pistola de etiquetas finas Sinfoo 605F

          Pistola de etiquetas estándar Sinfoo 605S

            Pistola de etiquetas finas Sinfoo Arrow 9X

              Micro pistola etiquetadora Sinfoo I

                Pistola etiquetadora de zapatos Sinfoo

                  Pistola de etiquetas finas Sinfoo 08F

                    Pistola etiquetadora estándar Sinfoo 08S

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