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Velvet Hangers

Amazon hot selling velvet hangers, with soft touch, humanized design, and a variety of styles and uses are favored by consumers around the world, and are excellent hangers single product, which is the preferred category for distributors in recent years. Sinfoo factory specializes in producing velvet hangers and flocked hangers, serving business owners in over 60 countries around the world with the ultimate price and excellent quality. We support OEM and ODM orders from brands.

Colgador de Terciopelo a Granel

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Percha de terciopelo de plástico con gancho dorado de lujo

    Sinfoo Heavy Duty Antideslizante Ropa de terciopelo negro que ahorra espacio

      Perchas de terciopelo con gancho en cascada para ahorro de espacio Sinfoo

        Sinfoo Heavy Duty Coat Suit Perchas de terciopelo beige

          Perchas de terciopelo Sinfoo sin hombros

            Percha de terciopelo flocado antideslizante beige Sinfo

              Sinfoo Black PP Velvet Garment Percha de ropa de varias capas

                Sinfoo Closet - Perchas de tela para vestido de camisa de terciopelo negro

                  Sinfoo Terciopelo Flocado Plástico Bufanda Hijab Perchas

                    Perchas de ropa de plástico de 16.5 "

                      Sinfoo Space Saving Velvet Perchas de terciopelo ultrafinas

                        Percha de terciopelo gris sinfoo con forma de flor que ahorra espacio

                          Percha de ropa de terciopelo blanco para niños con forma de oso Sinfoo

                            Sinfoo Percha de ropa de terciopelo en forma de corazón Traceless

                              Perchas de terciopelo para ropa con forma de lazo bonito antideslizante personalizado Sinfoo

                                Perchas de terciopelo antideslizantes Sinfoo Rose

                                  Perchas antideslizantes de terciopelo beige dorado rosa Sinfoo

                                    Percha de terciopelo de plástico gris que ahorra espacio Sinfoo

                                      Sinfoo Velvet Bufanda Percha 5 Anillos

                                        Sinfoo Niños Antideslizante Flocado Terciopelo Percha

                                          How to select velvet hangers for wholesalers

                                          The production of velvet hangers belongs to the light industry, from the production requirements of velvet hangers, experimental methods, testing rules, and other attributes of the product itself, to the packaging, transportation, storage, and other external attributes of velvet hangers, all need to be strictly controlled, which is especially important for velvet hangers wholesalers, as products that meet the standards can guarantee the basic safety and experience of customers. Today Sinfoo velvet hangers factory will give you some suggestions to choose velvet hangers from the aspects of appearance, size, strength, flocking surface, and usage scenarios. Please click on the article to scroll down...

                                          1.Pick the appearance of wholesale velvet hangers

                                          First of all, from the naked eye, the surface of the velvet hanger surface should be smooth, clean, and dry, and the flocking should be uniform and firm. The overall appearance should be flat, symmetrical, round, and smooth, with no damage.
                                          Secondly, the flocking coat rack plating layer and other coatings should be firm, with no flaking, and the surface should be smooth, with no burrs, or rust, good flocking coat rack wholesalers will be screened in the quality inspection process to distinguish.

                                          Sinfoo Space Saving Grey Plastic Velvet Hanger

                                          Furthermore, the flocked clothes rack or flocked pants (skirt) rack, clothes, and pants combination rack accessories clip should be no misalignment, and the card spring should not be exposed sting, or open, the clamping function is reliable, also in the quality inspection process, a good wholesaler will be unqualified products for screening.

                                          2.Whether the product information on the velvet hanger is clear.

                                          The height and span of the velvet hanger should be expressed in the product description and product label, no matter what size and specification of the velvet hanger, the height deviation is allowed in ±2mm and the span deviation is ±5mm for qualified products.

                                          Sinfoo Velvet Scarf Hanger 5 Rings

                                          3.Strength of velvet hangers

                                          The strength test generally tests the strength of the lower rod of the hanger, the strength of the hook, and the overall strength of the hanger. Take the general adult model velvet hanger as an example: hang two weights of 1.0kg symmetrically on the hanger whose lower rod is made of plastic, and hang two weights of 1.5kg symmetrically on the hanger whose lower rod is made of wood or metal. Hang two weights of mass 1.5kg symmetrically on the hangers made of plastic and two weights of mass 3.0kg symmetrically on the hangers made of wood and metal, keep them for 5min, remove them and check the bending degree of the hangers visually.

                                          Sinfoo Space Saving Velvet Ultra Thin Velvet Hangers

                                          4.Flocking surface of the velvet hanger

                                          The principle of flocking is to make use of the physical property that charges are repulsive to each other and attract to each other so that the flock is negatively charged. When the object to be flocked is placed under zero potential or grounded condition, the flock is attracted by the plant body with different potential and accelerates vertically to the surface of the object to be flocked. Different flocking hanger substrate has different flocking surface assessment standards, for flocking hanger use customers, a good flocking hanger should be in the flocking surface force back and forth after wiping 10 times, observe whether there is an obvious flocking phenomenon, if not that is to prove its durability is stronger.

                                          Sinfoo Custom Non Slip Cute Bowknot Shape Clothes Velvet Hangers

                                          In addition, because the adhesive will volatilize, velvet hangers in just production, or even just use when there will be an odor, which includes formaldehyde and other harmful substances, the amount of formaldehyde released, but the formaldehyde concentration and general furniture compared to much less, the general velvet hangers wholesalers can evaporate more than 90% before selling, so do not need to worry.

                                          Sinfoo Non Slip Rose Gold Beige Velvet Hangers

                                          5.The use scene of velvet hangers

                                          Because of the small size of velvet hangers and the large load-bearing capacity, they can save a lot of closet space and also prevent clothes from leaving crease marks when hanging clothes, so the scenes of using velvet hangers are very wide. Most suitable for use in homes, large shopping malls, hometowns, clothing cities, fashion shows, hotels, and other places. In amazon, Walmart, and other large e-commerce platforms, flock hangers are also very popular with retailers.

                                          For 40 years, Sinfoo has accumulated more than 2000+ loyal customers in 60 countries around the world, and has more than 5 hanger processing factories and warehouses in China, selling more than 1,000,000+ hangers, we are very strict in monitoring the quality of velvet hangers.



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