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The Main Business of Sinfoo

Our major products include clothing accessories and related tools such as: hanger accessorieshangerstag pins, tag guns, loop pins, string hang tags and paper tags etc.
We also produce retail display products and packing supplies, such as price labelers and labels, acrylic displays, cable ties, poly mailers, plastic and metal hooks, etc.

Most importantly, we are able to design and customize products according to our clients' needs.
Since 2004, our product output has ranked first in Asia. More corporate strength information is in product details.

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Clothes Hanger Wholesale

Sinfoo Plastic Kids Cloth Dress Top Hanger

$0.12-$0.20  / piece

Sinfoo Plastic Kids Pants Hangers with Clips

$0.21-$0.38  / piece

Sinfoo Plastic Pants Trouser Clip Hangers

$0.22-$0.28  / piece

Sinfoo Space Saving Velvet Ultra Thin Velvet Hangers

$0.23-$0.35  / piece

Sinfoo Metal Space Saving Clothes Hanger

$0.40-$0.60  / piece

Sinfoo Wholesale Luxury ABS Plastic Velvet Clothes Suit Hanger

$0.10-$0.18  / piece

Sinfoo Velvet Scarf Hanger 5 Rings

$0.39-$0.56  / piece

Sinfoo Rolling Clothes Garment Rack

$16.80-$25.00  / piece

Tag Gun Wholesale

    Sinfoo Standard Arrow 9S Tag Gun

    $1.10-$1.50  / piece

      Sinfoo 9FL Long Needle Fine Tag Gun

      $3.49-$3.69  / piece

        Sinfoo 9SL Long Needle Standard Tag Gun

        $3.49-$3.85  / piece

          Sinfoo 60L Long Tag Gun

          $2.63-$3.45  / piece

            Sinfoo 605F Fine Tag Pin Gun

            $1.38-$1.98  / piece

              Sinfoo 605S Standard Tag Pin Gun

              $1.35-$1.85  / piece

                Sinfoo I Micro Tag Gun

                $8.65-$9.37  / piece

                  Sinfoo X5.2 Super Long Fine Tag Gun Needle

                  $3.65-$3.98  / piece

                  CASE STUDY

                  Very happy with the communication, product pricing and shipping cost. This was my first purchase and it went smoothly and without any issues. Thanks for a pleasant transaction.


                  Great company / people to work with. Easy communication, they knew exactly what we were looking for. Thank you!


                  Great hangers! Sturdy, non slip and space saving. I really like the different colors of the velvet coating and also having color options for the hook. Packaging was also good. Miss Vivian was very accomodating during our transaction. Overall experience went smooth. 😊


                  Super helpful service, quality is above expectation, and delivery was seamless and very efficient.


                  3rd buying from this supplier. Nice quality product. Supplier service is good.


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