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Space Saving Hangers

Amazon hot sale space saving hangers, made of durable plastic, compact and easy to store, foldable, help save 80% of closet space, smooth and beveled edges, no burrs or sharp edges, high quality. Sinfoo Factory specializes in producing space saving hangers, from price, quality and service are distributors The customer's quality choice.

Magic Folding Hanger

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Sinfoo Black PP Velvet Garment Multi Layer Clothes Hanger

    Sinfoo Velvet Flocking Plastic Scarf Hijab Hangers

      Sinfoo Space Saving Closet Organizer Belt Hangers

        Sinfoo 4-Layer Magic Hanger Adult Plastic Clothes Hanger

          15.2" Multipurpose Wide Shoulder Anti-slip 3 Layers Plastic Suit Cloth Hanger

            12.2" 5 Layers Space Saving Plastic Scarf Pants Clothes Magic Hanger

              13" Space Saving Magic Hanger

                20" Folding Magic Wonder Hanger

                  10.6" Metal Space Saving Clothes Hanger

                    10.6" Closet Organizer Storage Saver Plastic Space Saving Clothes Hangers

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