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Paper Tag

Our paper price tag can be used to color code your products or to bring attention to special pricing. When you want to draw attention to your merchandise, consider using one of the garment clothing labels, such as the fluorescent yellow tag. All tags have a polished surface that accepts writing. Choice of two styles: without string for use with tagging guns and plastic fasteners, or with string for use with our manual-tagging needle. We can supply OEM service to you. Our stable quality and competitive price will help you promote your brands easily.

Wholesale Price Tags

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Sinfoo Writable Blank Kraft Price Marking Tag Price with Elastic String

    Sinfoo Pre-strung Writable Blank Kraft Price Marking Tags

      Sinfoo Custom Design Kraft Paper Blank Bookmarks Gift Tags

        Sinfoo Blank Reinforced Hole Manilla Kraft Inventory Shipping Tags with Elastic String

          Sinfoo Custom Natural Blank Brown Kraft Paper Jute Twine Hang Tags

            Sinfoo Handle with Care Warning Shipping Packing Fragile Sticker Roll

              Sinfoo Custom Logo Clothes Brand White Paper Tags

                Sinfoo Unstrung Perforated Printed Sale Garment Clothing Price Paper Tags

                  Sinfoo Jewelry Price Hang Tags

                    Sinfoo White Manila Shipping Tags with Wire

                      Why We Need Price Label?

                      1.Plain paper tags help the apparel industry to efficiently mark and sort.

                      Clothing paper tags are brands hanging on various clothing, including some clothing materials, washing precautions and other information. From the texture point of view, most of the materials used to make hang tags are paper, but there are also plastic and metal. Usually hang tags are used in clothing, toys, jewelry and other goods, and the common ones are used in clothing. Clothing tags often use those papers including the following: 

                      White hang tags

                      White paper tags: solid, relatively durable, very good smoothness, the printed color is very rich and full. 

                      Black paper tags: solid and durable, the color is black, because the black cardboard itself is black, its disadvantage is that it can not print color, but can be used for bronzing, silver and other processes.

                      Manila paper tags: has a high toughness and firmness, not easy to tear, manila paper tags is generally suitable for printing some monochrome or not rich color tags.

                      Copper plate hang tags: whiteness and gloss are very good, printing can make the picture and picture reflect the three-dimensional sense, but its firmness is not as good as white hang tag.

                      The design of clothing hang tags is often very exquisite, and the connotation is also very extensive. Although the hang tags of each garment enterprise have their own characteristics, most of them are printed with the factory name, factory address, telephone, zip code, logo, etc. on the hang tag. For some enterprises, the nature of the company (such as Sino-foreign joint ventures, sole proprietorships, etc.) should also be printed; Some clothing manufacturers simply regard the small hang tag as a miniature "advertisement", and print photos of supermodels wearing their own products on it, giving people a more intuitive feeling, so that consumers have a deeper impression of their products, which plays a good role in publicity and promotion; Some manufacturers, in order to thank consumers for buying their own products, often have to print words of thanks and wishes on the hang tag, giving people a sense of intimacy; Some hang tags are more like a "product instruction manual”.Because it not only prints what kind of fabric the product is to be used, what its performance is, and even the water temperature and washing method of the washing clothing. What type of cleaning agent and how to maintain it must be printed on the hang tag, which shows that the manufacturer is very responsible for consumers. In addition, with the increasing prosperity of the clothing market, competition is bound to become more intense, some famous brand manufacturers, in order to protect their products from counterfeit and shoddy products, do not hesitate to use a variety of holographic anti-counterfeiting tags and barcodes. This not only protects the interests of the enterprise itself, but also safeguards the rights and interests of the majority of consumers.Therefore, this kind of paper label has become a clothing accessory that many clothing companies must wholesale.

                      Clothing hang tags are small, but they are a link between fashion itself and consumers. It is an inevitable product of modern fashion culture, which has a positive effect on improving and protecting the reputation of clothing enterprises and promoting products. Therefore, if you compare the hang tag to the name tag of fashion, it is very appropriate. However, it is regrettable that there are still a considerable number of clothing companies that do not understand this point enough, and even some well-known fashion brands have not yet registered trademarks, which gives speculators an opportunity. Once counterfeit, such products will not be protected by law.Based on two aspects of safety and promotion, wholesale and custom clothing tags of their own brands have become a must for many clothing companies.

                      2.Large supermarkets and stores will display wholesale price tags and classify product information.

                      Price tags are used to display price information and are widely used in scenes with strong shopping attributes such as large supermarkets and shopping malls. This type of hang tag will be divided into specific categories such as color, color, length, shape, brand, etc. according to the specific display product requirements in the usage scenario. Many stores will wholesale a large number of price tags to effectively classify their products, including price classification, promotion classification, category classification, etc. Take large supermarkets as an example:

                      Price tags for clothing


                      Sale price tags

                       Poster Products

                      3.Wholesale Scaffold Inspection Labels Conducive to Safety Guarantee of Construction Site Personnel and Project Progress Tracking.

                      Scaffolding inspection tag systems are considered a best practice for many companies. It also tracks and reminds the progress of each part of the construction site to ensure the safety of personnel. Scaffolding labels allow responsible companies to track inspections – according to OSHA regulations, inspections should be conducted "before each shift and after any events that may affect the integrity of the scaffolding." Simple color coding provides instant recognition of the scaffold's current condition, as well as outdated instructions for the status.Wholesale scaffolding inspection label is one of the basic safety guarantees of infrastructure projects and is very necessary. 

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