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Cable Straps

Sinfoo is a professional manufacturer and distributor of nylon cable ties, providing self-locking cable ties, label cable ties, flexible buckle cable ties, tamper-evident (lead seal) cable ties, fixed head cable ties, label cable ties, etc. The technical specifications of the cable ties conform to CE standards, have passed SGS certification, and support OEM and ODM orders.

Cable Tie

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                      The process flow and precautions for use of nylon cable ties

                      Nylon cable tie, a type of nylon material tie. Sinfoo Plastics Factory has been specializing in nylon cable ties for more than 45 years, including but not limited to nylon cable ties, retractable cable ties, label cable ties, fixed lock cable ties, latch cable ties, heavy pull cable ties. Today I will talk about the process flow and precautions of the most commonly used nylon cable ties, hoping to provide better reference significance for business owners. Please look down....

                      The process flow of nylon cable ties

                       The general nylon cable tie process is: selection of raw materials, screening of impurities, injection molding, cooking molding, pressure testing, quality inspection, selling.

                      The second part is about to enter the injection molding stage, to check whether there is any debris inside the raw material, a little black debris may cause the nylon tie to become black after it is made.

                      Then the required mold is prepared, the pressure of the injection molding machine and other parameters are adjusted, and the injection molding can be carried out.

                      Nylon cable tie is not injection molded can be sold, but also through professional cooking equipment for cooking, because the nylon cable tie will be very brittle when it is just made, we add moisture to it through steaming, in the process according to different materials may also add some chemical materials.

                      After steaming, take it out to cool down and we will also carry out pressure tests, only after the pressure meets the requirements of international regulations we can sell in the market.

                      The service life of nylon cable ties in a normal external environment is about ten years. However, according to the different use environments, it will have a greater impact on the service life of the nylon cable tie, and the special use environment can be roughly divided into two types: high temperature working environment and low temperature working environment.

                      The main role of the nylon cable tie is to tighten and assist in tightening, when encountering similar to the machine boot, the temperature of the bone and muscle parts will be about 30 degrees higher than the ambient temperature, in this case, to carefully select the appropriate specifications of the nylon cable tie, in addition to purchasing better quality. Even in this case, the service life of the nylon cable tie should be shortened by 50% to 70%, that is, shortened to 3 to 5 years.

                      In addition, when the nylon cable tie is operated in a low temperature working environment, the intermolecular tension transfer is hindered due to the slowdown of molecular activity. It is easy to cause the brittle break of the nylon tie, that is, "sudden death". The specific life can be difficult to assess due to product quality and product specifications, as well as specific temperatures.  

                       In summary, the external environment has a great impact on the life of nylon cable ties. The best way is to choose a high-quality, appropriately specificated cable tie product.

                      The service life of the nylon cable ties

                       As a professional manufacturer of nylon ties, often encounter various problems of customers, just two days ago, there are customer service asked about such questions, how long is the maximum service life of nylon ties under normal circumstances, for such a question, I believe that friends can search for a large number of answers on the Internet, however, as the owner, we are still very patient to answer him. Here, Xiaobian will introduce the maximum service life under normal conditions of nylon cable ties.

                       The normal service life of nylon cable ties is about 10 years, but depending on the situation, the service life of nylon cable ties generally varies from 2-5 years. The service life of the nylon cable tie is different according to the use of the case, and there are also different differences with the nylon cable tie model specifications, materials and styles. Two years of traditional self-locking are guaranteed. In the future, with the natural oxidation of nylon raw materials, the performance will be gradually attenuated, and it is also related to specific user requirements. Like the United States, some of the use of nylon cable ties industry has provisions that the outdoor nylon cable tie must be replaced at the expiration of 1 year to ensure performance, no quality accidents. Such products are disposable consumables, in short, in order to have a long life, try to choose pure materials, large specifications and sizes, advanced production technology of the product is appropriate.

                      Precautions for using nylon cable ties

                       Nylon cable ties are used very widely as a product, whether it is industrial or in daily life. However, in general, the use of nylon cable ties in daily life is not high on its requirements, some of its precautions, few people pay attention to, and nylon cable ties in the industrial use, its requirements are more, the use of nylon cable ties or need to pay attention to some problems. Here, Xiaobian will introduce in detail for everyone, what problems need to be paid attention to when using nylon cable ties.

                       Nylon cable ties need to pay attention to the use of issues:

                       1.the preservation environment of the nylon tie, the ideal maintenance is about twenty-three degrees Celsius, and its humidity is best controlled at about 50%, which requires more attention.

                       2. When using nylon cable tie for manipulation, use the tightening pull force, which cannot exceed the nylon cable tie pull force, otherwise there will be a fracture. 

                       3. When using nylon tie tape, the diameter of the bound object should be smaller than the nylon belt belt ring diameter, and the remaining length of the belt body after tightening is 5-8cm. Nylon cable ties maintain excellent mechanical properties and heat aging resistance over a wide temperature range (-40℉ to 248℉).

                       4.nylon cable tie use environment, nylon cable tie in a humid environment, can maintain excellent mechanical properties, nylon tie with moisture absorption, humidity (water content) increased, there is a higher elongation and impact strength, but tensile strength and rigidity gradually decreased. Note that when using, do not put the cable tie under the sun's illumination, otherwise it is easy to have a great impact on the performance of the product. If the working environment needs to be under the sun for a long time, it is recommended that it is best to choose weather-resistant cable ties, and it is also necessary to stay away from heat sources.

                       5. The nylon cable tie has good rimma, the electrical rated temperature is less than 105 degrees does not affect its performance, and the flame retardancy reaches UL determination level of 94V-2.

                       The use of nylon cable tie products, although there are few places that need attention, but the places that need attention can not be ignored, otherwise, it is easy to make the nylon cable tie problem. Here, Xiaobian should remind the majority of friends that when using nylon ties, remember not to exceed the nylon tie pull.

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