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Tag Gun & Needle


Our tag guns can help you hang the labels quickly on your clothes and meet most of your tagging and attaching needs.

As a popular brand category, we adopt an ergonomic structure to make you feel comfortable when using it. The needle’s head has been softened so the user can complete the work comfortably, accurately, and efficiently.

We also have multiple gauge needles to choose from. Sinfoo has its own factory and supports OEM, ODM orders.

Tag Gun & Needle

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Sinfoo Arrow 9S Standard Tag Gun

    $1.10-$1.50  / piece

    Sinfoo9FL Long Needle Fine Tag Gun

      $3.49-$3.69  / piece

      Sinfoo9SL Long Needle Standard Tag Gun

        $3.49-$3.85  / piece

        Sinfoo 60L Super Long Tag Gun

          $2.63-$3.45  / piece

          Sinfoo 605F Fine Tag Pin Gun

            $1.38-$1.98  / piece

            Sinfoo 605S Standard Tag Pin Gun

              $1.35-$1.85  / piece

              Sinfoo I Micro Plastic Clothing Tagging Gun for Thin Fabrics

                $8.65-$9.37  / piece

                Sinfoo X5.2 Super Long Fine Tag Gun Needle

                  $3.65-$3.98  / piece

                  Sinfoo 52mm Super Long Standard Tagging Needle

                    $3.65-$3.95  / piece

                    Sinfoo NZ45J Shoe Tag Gun Needle

                      $3.50-$4.10  / piece

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