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Price Gun

Hand labelers are used by retailers around the world for their pricing labels. We offer different price guns specifically to suit your needs, with variations from single line (6-Digit) to double line (10-Digit).
Our price label gun is light and smooth for your suitable and accurate operation.
The quality of our product is controlled by ISO 9001 quality system, whose authentication we passed in 1999. If you are interested in our goods, please feel free to contact us. We will be at your service any time.

Price Labeller & Label

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Sinfoo3M Price Labeller Gun

    $2.78-$3.20  / piece

    SinfooF16 Price Gun Labeller

      $2.85-$3.18  / piece

      SinfooMX2316 Price Label Gun

        $5.46-$5.98  / piece

        Sinfoo2612W Wavy Price Label

          $0.17-$0.35  / piece

          SinfooMX6600 Price Label Gun

            $3.96 -$4.13  / piece

            SinfooMX989 Price Labeler Gun

              $1.93-$2.35  / piece

              SinfooMX2316EOS Price Labeler Gun

                $7.65-$8.52  / piece

                Sinfoo2212W Price Wavy Labels

                  $0.12-$0.28  / piece

                  Sinfoo2616S Price Label for Labeller

                    $0.18-$0.35/roll  / piece

                    Sinfoo Ink Roller for Price Machine

                      $0.10-$0.50  / piece

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