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Hang Tag

Hang tags are great for promoting brand awareness, if you are in the apparel industry, the hang tag you used can influence whether a customer will purchase your product or not. We can help you to customize a good design of string hang tag to make your products look more up-grade.

String Hang Tag

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                      String hang tag production process parsing & considerations

                      As a clothing practitioner by which is a clothing accessories purchaser, it is necessary to understand the knowledge of clothing accessories products, and today Sinfoo Factory introduces the precautions for string hang tag procurement. For the attention to the production of string hang tags, please read down...

                      1, the function of the string hang tag: the main functional function of the string hang tag is to hang the tag, so the fork and rope must be firm, in order to cope with the squeeze of packaging and transportation, the lanyard needs to be able to withstand at least 2kg of weight.

                      2, String hang tag color fastness: string hang tag and hang tag are directly hung on the clothing, so the color fastness requirements are strong. String hang tag color fastness includes, line, plastic, hot color, etc., normal line and plastic are not easy to fade after strict control, simple test method: boiling water intrusion 3-5 cents, some foreign trade orders will require a professional test report. But the hot color is difficult to control, at present, even the best imported color foil can not guarantee that the color does not fade, so it is recommended to use gold leaf electrolytic aluminum or black and white, the requirements are higher and need other colors of drip transparent organic protection.

                      3, String hang tag price selection: according to the grade of clothing and the acceptance of the factory to locate the choice of different prices, generally three-in-one, four-in-one, two-color and multi-color string hang tag price is higher, two-in-one, core, wire buckle class is cheaper.

                      4, String hang tag style selection: can refer to the above style classification to choose, string hang tag needs to be matched with the hangtag into a set, so the design and selection needs to consider the style of the hangtag is basically the same, the best packaging bag, brochure, hangtag, string hang tag The whole set of VI design style is consistent with the main color system.

                      With the global environmental protection quality requirements, sinfoo factory co., LTD. used in plastic raw materials are through the international environmental monitoring standards, choose sinfoo company to produce finished products so that you have no worries.

                      Production process parsing

                      String hang tag, specially developed and applied injection molding process for clothing, has a one-time application function and a strong brand appeal function.

                      From the structure of the string hang tag, the clothing string hang tag first takes the two-in-one: first use the press press to press the two sides out, gild, and then apply glue and wire rope together.

                      Usually you can do a molding, with a vertical injection molding machine, six grains at a time, cut it out of the bronzing, beating. No glue, no extra manpower, and more environmentally friendly. There are three-in-one, four-in-one specifications, are first used to use the injection molding machine to press out a few pieces of string hang tag in demand, stamped gold, and then glued together.

                      Features of the string hang tag

                      The sling string hang tag produced by Sinfoo factory is exquisitely finished, exquisitely made, broad in connotation and very distinctive. Hanging rope string hang tag for clothing accessories in an indispensable part, mainly used to hang clothing tags, it is a clothing and clothing tags (clothing brand logo, wash logo, price tags, etc.) between the connection link, a set of good clothing string hang tag collocation can better reflect the design taste of clothing accessories and highlight the clothing brand effect, it is mainly composed of rope, Fork, plastic body, logo, hot color several parts of the composition.

                      The main categories of hanging rope hang tag are divided into: one-time molding string hang tag, three-in-one string hang tag, four-in-one string hang tag, and core drawing string hang tag, aluminum shell string hang tag, webbing string hang tag, webbing buckle, rope buckle, rope bar, etc.; Among them, one-time molding, three-in-one, and four-in-one string hang tags can also be divided into: double-forked string hang tags, single-forked string hang tags, and unforked string hang tags.

                      The string hang tag of the hanging rope is roughly divided into regular shapes such as rectangular, square, round, cylindrical, oval, etc., and can also be customized into various shapes as needed, but the cost of customized shapes such as three-in-one, four-in-one, aluminum shell and so on is higher.

                      Hanging rope string hang tag can be divided into plastic colors: monochrome string hang tag, two-color string hang tag, three-color string hang tag.

                      Hanging rope string hang tag according to the LOGO color can be divided into: hot stamping (refers to all kinds of electrochemical aluminum heat to iron) string hang tag, hot string hang tag, printed string hang tag , drop plastic string hang tag. Among them, the printing and drip plastic colors are rich and can be modulated at will, but the cost is slightly higher, the production cycle is slightly longer, and the hot stamping process is generally used.

                      The basic parameters of the string hang tag of the sling: 

                      【Size】Can be completely customized according to customers.

                      【Shape】Can be completely customized into any shape according to the customer.

                      【Material】Can be produced using different plastic and metal materials. 

                      【Color】Can be completely customized according to customers 

                      【Process】The use of injection molding and die-casting and other processes can do a variety of processes such as primary molding and over-injection molding.

                      【Optimal thickness】Can be completely customized according to the customer.

                      【Scope of application】Apparel, brand watches, bags, shoes and hats, jewelry, umbrellas and other products that need to be hung labels.

                      【Post-process】Multi-color bronzing, dripping, stickers, and can be customized mold opening.

                      【Company special】According to customer requirements to produce all kinds of shapes and colors of the corresponding LOGO, according to customer special requirements order. 

                      【Production cycle】According to the customer's choice of proofing time within 7-8 days, after the sample is satisfied with the order, if the demand is huge, it can be shipped within 15-20 days! Ship faster if you need it! 

                      【Scope of application of string hang tag】String hang tag is mostly used in clothing, but also some brand watches, wine packaging, bags, shoes and hats, jewelry, umbrellas and other products that need to hang labels.  

                      Sinfoo's own factory, with more than 45 years of experience in producing string hang tags, supports the global garment accessories string hang tag wholesale business including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Indonesia and other countries. If you are interested please contact us.


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