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Fasteners Tag Pin

Our fasteners tag pin are made from 100% eco-friendly material, meeting the international quality standard. They are prevailing in Japan, Europe, America, and many South Asian countries. We can supply OEM service to you. Our stable quality and competitive prices will help you promote your brands easily.

Special Tag Pin

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Pasador de anillo de gancho de sujeción de etiqueta de plástico Sinfoo

Sujetador de etiqueta de plástico para zapatos de nailon resistente Sinfoo

Sujetador de etiqueta de plástico con extremo en T de nailon Sinfoo

Sinfoo Plastic PP N Mold 65mm Pin de etiqueta de precio para calcetines

Sujetador de etiqueta de plástico con pasador de etiqueta de gancho Sinfoo J

Sujetador de etiqueta de bola de plástico redondo Sinfoo con cabeza pequeña

Sujetador plástico de la etiqueta de la cerradura del lazo de la seguridad de Sinfoo

Sujetadores de plástico de molde Sinfoo NT Pin de pistola de etiquetas de flecha para prendas de vestir

Sinfoo 15mm Nylon C molde ropa sujetadores de plástico púas para ropa

Sinfoo 50 mm Ropa Plástico PP Anillo Gancho Etiqueta Pasador Sujetador

Classification and use scenario reference of various tag pins

Tag pins as a basic disposable consumables, business owners of different industries have different needs for the use of rubber needles. The materials and forms of different tag pins determine their use scenarios. If you want to have the best and most cost-effective presentation for your own brand, you can refer to the following different scenarios of different tag pins to help your brand have a better presentation. Please look down......


Fastener tag pins for soft items such as clothing and home textiles

Standard tag pins, V type tag pins, I-type tag pins, and other soft tag pins is commonly used in socks, towels, and underwear, some clothes, many children's clothes, some handbags, and carpet mat, many cleaning towels, some home textiles, and plush toys and other needles textile and clothing industry. With tag gun can be very good fixed brand information label, and will not destroy the product.

Hard fastener tag pins for hardware appliances

Elastic rubber needle. Elastic rubber needles they are significantly small and light, alkali resistance, firm, high efficiency, simple operation, recyclable and other characteristics. Is the ideal packaging scheme of toys, hardware products, household appliances, kitchen appliances and other products. In a very good bundle of goods at the same time, and convenient for consumers to dismantle, soft touch will not hurt the hands of operators and consumers. Finally, the elastic rubber needle packaging has great benefits, its packaging for brand owners, brought a lot of marketing benefits, greatly increase the interactivity between consumers and products, increase the consumer experience of the product, consumers can intuitive feel and touch the goods, compared with the first type of rubber needle can better bring consumers to buy before the use of experience, improve the turnover rate.

Self-adjustable rigid fastener tag pins

The third category: tie the belt. In this broad sense, it also belongs to one of the tag pinss, but it is harder than the above two categories, with the characteristics of fast binding, good insulation, self-locking and tightening, easy to use and so on. More used in the electronics factory, bundled TV sets, computers and other internal cables, lighting, motor, electronic toys and other products in the fixed line, mechanical equipment of the fixed oil pipeline, ship cable line fixed, bicycle vehicle packaging or binding of other objects, can also be used in agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts and other bundled items. It is widely used in Christmas gift factory, electronics factory, wire processing plant, wire and cable, toy factory, festivals, stationery department stores, fresh supermarkets, residential daily use, electrical appliances, connector and other items binding.

Classification of tag pins

Tag pins is divided into nylon tag pins, washing water tag pins, standard tag pins, hard-shaped tag pins, question mark tag pins, etc., the main materials are nylon, PP material. Rubber needle is generally used with the tag gun or tag pins machine, the product tag and the product are connected together, to increase the brand recognition of the product. What can be seen everywhere in our daily life, but it is easily ignored.

Rubber needle introduction

Tag pins is also known as coarse tag pins, packaging tag pins, fixed rubber nail and other names, is to use polyurethane as the raw material of environmental protection packaging supplies. tag pins are often used in clothing, shoes and hats, bags, handicrafts, shoes and socks, towels, toys and other trademarks connected to the trademark hanging line, used for the trademark, price, size and other standard tag head card fixed. Compared with the traditional fastener packaging, the elastic rubber needle packaging system can better improve the performance of enterprises, improve the attractiveness of products to consumers, and enhance the sustainable development ability of enterprises. Rubber needle has environmental protection, small volume, light weight, soft touch will not hurt hands, high packaging efficiency characteristics, elastic rubber needle is mainly used with elastic rubber nail machine equipment.

If you want to distinguish the quality of the tag pins, we can observe it directly by the naked eye, as follows:

First of all, we can use the naked eye to see the beauty of the needle to judge, observe whether the fineness of the needle is symmetrical, whether the surface of the needle is smooth, whether there are burr defects.

Secondly, it is to see its color, color tag pins whether the color difference, transparent rubber needle color degree is not uniform, generally should be selected from different batches to select samples for comparison, can be more intuitive to see the overall quality of the big goods.

Finally, look at the design aspect, such as its tensile strength is good? Is it easy to break off and so on.

In general, nylon tag pins pull stronger than PP ones, such as cable tie, which is several times stronger than ordinary ones. In the nylon products, there are also ordinary types and strong types, among which the better pull can reach about 7-9 pounds or even stronger.


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