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5 Amazing Ways To Create Crafts With Plastic Hangers

5 Amazing Ways To Create Crafts With Plastic Hangers

Most homes use plastic hangers, but do you know they can look awesome when converted into crafts? In this article, you will read about five creative ways to reuse plastic hangers for your DIY projects. These craft ideas are fun and will be able to add a touch to the living space that would make the owner's stamp and help them stay eco-conscious.

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Hanger Wall Art

Wall art from plastic hangers is one of the simplest yet attractive crafts. First, grab some wall hangers in plastic and ensure they are appropriately spray-painted with your favourite colours, considering how well they match your home décor.


After this, arrange them into a fantastic pattern or shape and stick them together using a hot glue gun. This is a very unique and attention-attracting piece that adds a tinge of contemporary style to any given room.


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Materials Needed: Plastic hangers, spray paint, hot glue gun.



Spray-paint the plastic hangers in your desired colors, ensuring they complement your decor. Arrange them into an artistic pattern or shape, securing them together with a hot glue gun.


This simple yet effective craft creates a visually appealing piece of wall art that can be easily customized to match any room.


Jewelry Organizer

Plastic Hangers This object can be transformed into a fashionable and functional organizer for your jewelry. Use a pair of pliers to clip the lower bar of the hanger in half, leaving you with two arms from which to hang your necklaces and bracelets—and maybe even earrings.


To complete the look, custom-paint or add some decorative tape to your hanger in order to make it be in tune with your bedroom or closet theme. And this DIY jewelry holder will not only keep your accessories well arranged in style, but it will also bring a chic semblance to space.


Materials Needed: Plastic hangers, pliers, paint or decorative tape.




Remove the lower bar of the plastic hanger using pliers, leaving two arms to hang jewelry. Customize the hanger with paint or decorative tape to suit your style and color preferences. This DIY jewellery organizer not only keeps your accessories untangled but also serves as a decorative element for your bedroom or closet.

Seasonal Wreaths

Get into the spirit of the season by crafting plastic hanger wreaths. Bend the hanger into a circle and hot glue on seasonal flowers, leaves, or even hanging ornaments. Be it a lively spring or some festive holiday creation, plastic hangers are the sturdy material that sets your seasonal decor. Wholesale clothes hangers from Sinfoo can be the building foundation for your work.

Materials Needed: Plastic hangers, seasonal decorations, hot glue gun.



Bend a plastic hanger circular with the use of zip ties or adhesive, then hold it with the same. Use a hot glue gun to stick some seasonal decorations like flowers, leaves, or ornaments. This craft will allow for creativity in designing wreaths from various occasions since the durable and versatile plastic hangers provide one with a base idea.


DIY Plant Stand:

Take old plastic hangers and upcycle them in style for indoor plants. Lace a few with some quick zip ties, and glue a couple together. Pow. Greenery's been brought from the ground to new heights. Try different colours to get playful. Or, experiment with the look of metal for a spiffy plant stand that makes your place pop.


Materials: A certain number of plastic hangers, zip ties, and strong adhesive.



Use some of the plastic hangers and bundle them together, fastening at the top with zip ties or strong adhesive. The sleek, modern design adds sophistication to your home decor and will lift plants from floor level. To do this, multiple colours or metallic finishes of the planters may suit your criteria.

Children's Craft Station:

Use plastic hangers to create a children's craft station. Hang buckets or baskets that contain art supplies, including markers, crayons, and scissors. For creative thinking during the process of creativity, such an organization really contributes, in addition to the clear cutaway. Bright and playful models of plastic hangers are best in this category, as they make children like the colours

Materials Needed: Plastic hangers, buckets or baskets.



Hang buckets or baskets from the plastic hangers to create an organized craft station for children. Store art supplies such as markers, crayons, and scissors in the hanging containers. Opt for vibrant and

What can you make with plastic hangers?

Here are 5 ideas that will introduce you to the various possibilities for creating crafts with plastic hangers.

  • Hanger Wall Art
  • Jewelry Organizer
  • Seasonal Wreaths
  • DIY Plant Stand
  • Children's Craft Station

How can I reuse my hangers?

For the above-mentioned crafts, hangers in the house can be reused: wall art for hanging, jewellery organizers, seasonal wreath holders, DIY plant stand, and children's craft stations.



It is likely that with the above, you will start giving more value to this item, and next time, think twice before throwing it away. Whether you are looking to liven up your living space or are interested in doing up your place sustainably, these simple options will give you a ton of possibilities.


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