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How To Pick The Perfect Hangers For Your Clothing and Storage Needs

How To Pick The Perfect Hangers For Your Clothing and Storage Needs

Of all the most common forgotten details in taking care of your clothes and arranging your storage space, it lies in what type of hanger one uses in hanging garments. One would simply think that as long as it holds your garments in place, any hanger will be capable of doing its job. But pick wrong and it can wreak all sorts of havoc -- from the quality of your clothing to closet space and even your stylish reputation.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of picking the perfect hangers for your clothing and storage needs, based on various criteria such as material, shape, size, and style. We will also address some common questions about hangers and give you some tips on how to use them effectively.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Hangers
You need hangers for your clothes not only for functional purposes but also as part of your clothing care and optimal storage. Here is why it is important to choose appropriate hangers:

●They save your clothes from being stretched, wrinkled or sagged. Using the wrong hangers will wear the fabric of clothes stretching them more than it is used to, with bigger wrinkles sagged or even torn in a relatively short time. The use of the right hangers could help in retaining the original shape and structure of your clothing as well making it mud and stain-resistant on the other hand.

●They enable you to use the space and functionality of your storage. Bad hangers could potentially cause underused spaces in your storage, hence making it hard to search for something, as well as reach out for clothes. On the other hand, proper hangers help maximize the space and efficiency in your storage and enable easy sorting, storing, and displaying of your clothes.

●They help reflect on your look as well as style. Wrong hangers can give your storage a messy stuffy and unattractive look which might even affect your mood, hence your confidence when dressing up. On the other hand, proper hangers will make your storage seem well-ordered social and pleasant depicting your personality and reflection.
How to Pick the Perfect Hangers
Now that you understand how imperative it is to choose the perfect hangers, let us move and determine how to select the best hanger for your clothes towards both clothing and storage requirements. They should have the following features:

Material: Hangers can be made of various materials like wood, metal, plastic, velvet or material. Each material has its pros and cons according to the kind of clothes that you want to hang. For example - good hangers of wood are sturdy and heavy,- but can be strong and unhandy. Metal hangers are light and slim, but they can be slippery and they fold easily.

Plastic hangers are cheap and handy, but they can break easily and they are weak. Velvet hangers are soft and do not slip, though they can be costly and shed lint. Fabric hangers are gentle and decorative, although cleaning may prove hard on them and thereby lose shape.

Shape: Hangers can be of various shapes as in-straight, Curved or contoured. Each shape has pros and cons, besides the one which is decided on by a hosting method of what clothing style you want to hang. For example, Straight hangers are suitable for pants, skirts or dresses that have a defined waistline. Curved hangers are suited for blouses, shirts, jackets or coats that have a rounded shoulder line. Contoured hangers are good for suits, blazers or sweaters that have a tailored fit.

Size: The size of the hangers can be in small, medium or large differences. Every size has various effects on the fit and comfort of your clothes. For example, the hanger in the small size is effective for children or petite clothing. Medium size hanger is effective for most adult clothing. Large-size hangers are effective for oversized or heavy clothing.

Style: Hangers can come with different styles, Clip-on, tiered, notched, or padded. Each comes with specific features and functions depending on the needs of your clothing. For instance, pants and skirts will find usefulness when hanging your pants, skirts, or shorts by their waistbands. Tiered hangers are space-saving as more than one garment at a time can be hung on such a hanger.

Notched hangers make it possible to hang tops, dresses, or lingerie by their stands. Padded hangers work best for delicate, knitted, or beaded clothing that needs better and enhanced support and protection.

How many hangers do I need?
The quantity generally depends on two factors: the number of clothing items one possesses and how often one wears them. One rule of thumb is that, as a bare minimum, there must be at least one hanger per item worn regularly, plus one or two additional for any seasonal or special occasion wear.

How do I organize my hangers?
It is just personal preference and how your storage setup is. Most people who organize their hangers do so by type, colour, or category of clothing and work from left to right end or front to back in their space. You can also use labels, dividers, or hooks to separate and identify your hangers.

How do I clean my hangers?
That depends on the material and style of your hangers. A general way to clean them is simply wiping them with a damp cloth, sponge or paper towel. Kindly allow dry in the open air. Otherwise, you can use mild soap, vinegar or baking soda to get rid of the stains, odours, or rust from your hangers. For fabric or velvet hangers, utilize a lint roller or vacuum cleaner to clear the dust or lint from them.

Finding the perfect hangers for your clothes and storage needs can highly benefit not only your wardrobe but also your longevity. With the above factors in mind, you can now flip through them to get what befits you about the material, shape size and style. With those criteria, I hope this blog post was able to help you on how to choose the perfect hangers for your clothing and storage needs. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading!

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