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HouseDay is Subsidiary company of Global Store Supply, Inc.

HOUSE DAY specialize in producing all sorts of clothes hangers, namely plastic hangers, wood hangers and other hangers accessorizes. In addition, we also supply a wide range of home improvement, like safety pins and foldable gripper.

Global Store Supply, Inc. (GSS) was located in Los Angeles, USA. As an international enterprise combining international trade, E-commerce and investment, GSS has been dedicating itself to integrating the finest products and resource, building an advanced system of operation and supply for global customers, and creating values for integrating and optimizing global resource .

GSS mainly engaged in packaging & logistics products,catering products,household products,home tools,auto parts,etc. Besides,it has developed a marketing channel of online and offline,and built a vertical e-commerce platform for packaging supplies. Based in United State,GSS has attracted thousands of manufacturers from USA, Mexico, Germany, China, Korea, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Taiwan,etc. With its F2C business model, GSS has connected global customers and fine products, providing the best products at a low price. For now, customers from more than 70 countries and regions have enjoyed GSS service.

Guangzhou Suogle Technology is the wholly owned subsidiary of GSS. It has R&D center, manufacturing factory, supply center, marketing center and storage & logistic center, etc. Mainly engaged in express packing products, Suogle has established R&D center with Guangzhou Sinfoo Plastic Co.,Ltd, and set up a new material R&D lab with China universities. With all the efforts, Suogle is on its way to become the leader of express packaging industry in China.

As the development of times, GSS is about to start its strategy upgrading and distribution. With the mission to integrate global resource, disintermediation and service global customers, branch offices in New York and Vancouver have been established, more branch offices would be set up in metropolis including Berlin, London, Singapore,Tokyo and Capetown. Meanwhile, GSS keeps upgrading itself and cooperate with more fine enterprises on products and capital, working together to open up a larger market and contribute value to the world!

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