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The most comprehensive and professional hanger selection guide.

The most comprehensive and professional hanger selection guide.

There is only one difference between you and the ideal wardrobe: the most comprehensive and professional hanger selection guide.

You have installed a sorting cabinet, but why does the wardrobe still look so messy? You are impressed by the renderings in the advertisements, but the real objects are far from each other? What’s the problem? Don’t worry, the correct use of hangers can completely return you to a cleaner wardrobe. Next, I will give you a detailed explanation of the reasons and tips for using clothes hangers.

In my opinion, aesthetic considerations are the direct motivation for me to decide to replace my clothes hanger. But besides, there are many other benefits, such as:

1.Save space

2.Avoid wrinkles and deformation of clothes

3.It is easier to find the clothes you are looking for

4.It is more convenient to organize clothes, and there is no longer a situation where shirts are hanging on the bed and jeans are piled at the end of the bed.

Material of hanger:

From the viewing point of view, all hangers are the same, which is of course very good. However, there are some types of clothes hangers that can save money and better match the material of specific clothes. My goal is to find available clothes hangers made of the same material for clothes made of special materials. And in order to look uniform, all clothes hangers have at least chrome hooks.


Wire hanger:

Wire hangers are widely used. They can help you solve the congestion in the sink, pull out the wires from the wall, pry open the doors (if you lock yourself out), and even make a receiving antenna for HDTV with a wire hanger. When you want to transport your clothes to the dry cleaners, the wire hanger is obviously the most convenient and cheap way. But they don’t suit your clothes.


Over the years, steel wire hangers have become thinner and more difficult to bear the weight. Therefore, the weight of clothing can not be evenly dispersed in a large surface area, and the clothes are often left with indentations due to insufficient width. Obviously, this kind of material can even make some clothes fade, which is why when you take back clothes from dry cleaners, you can always see the paper sleeves for the pads on the hangers (or some dry cleaners use plated hangers).


Leave some wire hangers because they are very useful in other situations. But when you get your clothes back from the dry cleaners, you must change to a better quality hanger. Next time you go to the dry cleaners, take the wire hangers you used last time back to the store, so that the discarded hangers won’t be thrown away in vain. According to my experience, most dry cleaners will accept these hangers.

Plastic pipe clothes hanger:

This kind of clothes hanger is more suitable for your clothes than steel wire hangers, and most of my wardrobes use plastic pipe hangers. They are desirable in themselves, but perhaps the hangers in your wardrobe have come from supermarkets, dry cleaners and other places for many years, forming a rainbow-like scene with different sizes. This situation has seriously broken the consistency we want.

We can re-purchase plastic pipe hangers of the same color and size, but is this a bit too wasteful? If I want to replace my clothes hangers, I want to exchange them for a better one at a time.


Another problem is that some plastic pipe hangers will deform or fade after being used for a long time, and the hooks will also deform, making the wardrobe look chaotic. Carrying heavy objects, such as jeans, with the horizontal bar of the hanger will also deform the hanger.

Velvet hangers:

This new type of clothes hanger seems to be very popular. They have chrome hooks, which seem to suit my wardrobe design goals. And the main body of the clothes hanger is a plastic rack body with flocking. Just like the inside of a jewelry box. This velvety texture can provide great friction and prevent clothes from slipping off. They hardly leave any impression on clothes.

This kind of clothes hanger is well priced and received rave reviews. The only disadvantage is that when drying wet clothes, the color of “velvet” will be left on the clothes, or the coating of the cloth will be damaged. I am used to washing my sportswear by hand, and then putting them on a hanger to dry naturally. So I need to keep some plastic clothes hangers.


I bought some velvet hangers for my first experience, and the results were very satisfactory. In general, I think they are very suitable for making clothes hangers for shirts and other coats. I replaced the plastic clothes hanger with velvet clothes hanger. It can be seen from the picture that the wardrobe before and after replacement is quite different.


It can be seen that these shirts are arranged neatly because the same clothes hangers are used. Collar and shoulders are basically on the same horizontal line. Shirts are more honest on hangers, because they are made of velvet. Now, I can find the one I want more conveniently, and my shirt won’t slip off because of touching.

Velvet hangers claim to save space, but in my practice, compared with normal hanging with plastic hangers, they have no obvious effect. If I press these hangers tightly, I can save some space, but I prefer to give my clothes some breathing space to prevent wrinkles. Even if you don’t compress the space tightly, using velvet hangers will make these shirts look better and the wardrobe cleaner.

I decided that I would continue to use velvet hangers for my cardigan shirt, polo shirt, other jackets and lightweight dresses. Satisfied with the existing hangers, I ordered another 50 velvet hangers. Because they are beautiful, practical and cost-effective. Especially when buying a group of 50, there are various colors and various styles as shown below:

You can also buy finger clips separately and attach them to velvet hangers. In this way, you don’t need to fold when hanging trousers and skirts.

Wooden clothes hangers:

If you want to feel the atmosphere of a high-end boutique shop when you dress every day, nothing is more suitable than a real wooden hanger. They add nobility to your wardrobe. The salespeople who do wardrobe finishing all recognize this, because all the wardrobes use wooden hangers in the publicity pictures they make.


Wooden hangers come in a variety of colors to match the style of your wardrobe, even the unfinished cedar scent. For shirts and jackets, these sinfoo look perfect. There are maple leaves and cherries to choose from, and it is the most cost-effective wooden hanger I have ever seen.


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