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Current situation and prospect of plastic coat hanger industry

Current situation and prospect of plastic coat hanger industry

Clothes hangers are daily necessities that every family will use, but plastic clothes hangers are not necessarily the case. This is an industry that many people do not care about, of course, but it is also an industry full of competition and continuous innovation.

As an auxiliary display appliance industry in the downstream of garment industry, plastic hanger industry develops with the development of garment industry. It can be said that the first decade in the past from the 80's of the last century to this century after the reform and opening up is the golden 30 years of our clothing industry, and also the golden 30 years of the plastic hanger industry. During this period of time, the domestic plastic hanger industry is almost from scratch, and then rapid development, even the world's largest plastic hanger manufacturers have come to China, we rely on labor costs and the advantages of hard work, products sold worldwide, the whole industry is thriving. Into 10 s, however, especially in the recent two years, it was found that business has become more and more difficult, because under the pressure of rapidly rising labor costs and ali as a representative of the rapid development of electric business platform, more and more consumers choose clothing online consumption directly, traditional stores sales model is facing huge pressure, there are many brand garment enterprises traditional business shrinking, even collapse, Based on this situation, as a downstream supplier, the plastic coat hanger industry is bearing the brunt of the contraction in business volume in general. Fortunately, there is a huge demand for plastic hangers around the world, and consumers with different consumption patterns. In addition, the price of raw materials has dropped in the past two years, and China has a long-term status as the world's factory. It still has the advantage of supply chain and long-term accumulated experience and technology, which will not lead to a precipitous development. But the plastic hanger industry is a long-term prospect is not very optimistic industry, in addition to the above mentioned problems, but also faces many other development problems, summed up in the following aspects.

First, product homogenization.Plastic coat hanger industry from the beginning of development, almost are active and passive copying others' products developed, product homogeneity problem is more serious. The direct consequence of this is homogenization competition and constant compression of behavioral profits. The biggest feature of product development in the plastic coat hanger industry is that as long as the customer has the quantity, and then the price is acceptable to each other, coat hanger manufacturers can open the mold, and then the early stage is mainly used by this customer, and later if it is no protection of the mold, business personnel recommend to other customers. This is the main reason for the homogeneity of the whole industry, which is difficult to avoid. Coat hanger manufacturers also know this problem, but because it is not a loss-making business, or happy to enrich their product library.

Second, the aging of employees.Any enterprise, especially the need for certain technical, to achieve sustainable development must have some stable old staff work support, so as to maintain relatively stable production efficiency, coat hanger industry is the same. Coat hanger industry is a typical labor intensive industry, many links in the production are manual operation. If the labor cost rises, the enterprise can properly raise the price to cover the labor cost. However, the loyal employees of the enterprise are growing older and the new employees are flowing fast, which is a big problem for the downstream and low-end industries like coat hangers. Because the profit margin of this industry is low, the salary of employees does not have much advantage compared with many other industries, and the work is monotonous, the new employees generally do not work for long, and they may leave soon after they become skilled. This is a headache for enterprises, and it is also a labor crisis in the long run.

Third, weak technological innovation ability.In THE PAST HANGER PRODUCTION of EACH LINK IS ALMOST manual operation, as long as more please staff, staff's hands AND feet and can endure hardship can, but now different, the more staff may be more difficult to survive. In front of many enterprises is how to cross this barrier, technological innovation to improve efficiency is of course essential. However, to solve these problems left over from the early stage, it is not so simple, which invested manpower and financial resources is not small number. Although some enterprises solve some problems by purchasing equipment, but some problems still need to overcome their own research to further improve efficiency, which is difficult for many small and medium-sized factories to do.

Forth, order miniaturization.Plastic coat hanger industry is a single product profit is low, by the amount of the industry to eat. Now, with the depression of the garment industry, the quantity of a single order decreases, and the products in large demand are generally the products with simple technology and low price. In this respect, the homogeneity is the most serious. There are many manufacturers that can produce, and some small factories have more price advantages. The old coat hanger factory mainly depends on the good reputation formed in the old customers and small factories do not have the technological and technical advantages to survive.

Fifth,Industrial transfer.On the one hand, the long-term development of domestic clothing stores is not optimistic. On the other hand, some clothing enterprises move to inland and Southeast Asia regions with low labor costs, and the corresponding downstream demand may also take part of them to other regions, which is also a problem that cannot be ignored.

The above briefly summarizes the status quo of the above several industries, so where is the development trend and outlet of the industry? Now let me try to do the same.

1.Relying on the local market in China and according to their own conditions, actively research and development.The biggest change in the domestic market is e-commerce. On the one hand, the demand for hangers in the traditional clothing industry is reduced, but on the other hand, the demand of individual families is growing. The plastic hanger industry should also follow this trend, on the one hand, to develop online wholesale business, on the other hand, to develop retail business in combination with its own reality.

2.Actively develop the international market.The characteristics of foreign markets are large, but it is more difficult to develop new customers than domestic. Different from the high development of domestic e-commerce, the development of foreign countries is relatively backward, in addition to the overall market weakness, the demand for plastic hangers is relatively stable. Although facing the pressure of rising labor costs in China and competition in Southeast Asia, we still have the ability to control costs and the advantage of resources and technology in the short term, and the international market is still worth exploring.

3.Pay attention to product quality and process innovation.Quality is a very important factor for the survival and development of enterprises. Only by paying attention to product quality can we win more stable customers. This is more important for the traditional upstream clothing industry based on the service of plastic hanger industry, this industry is difficult to create a well-known brand awareness, can only rely on quality to win customer trust and reputation. Another surface should also pay attention to technological innovation, maintain the vitality of the enterprise. Process innovation includes product process and production technology innovation, through these aspects of innovation, adapt to market demand and improve production efficiency.

4.Pay attention to machine (person) instead of artificial.Although the machine depth instead of manual has many difficulties, but the enterprise to long-term development this is the gap that has to be overcome, otherwise it is difficult to solve the aging of personnel, mobility and labor cost rise, only by relying on automatic machinery and equipment to further improve production efficiency and reduce costs. In this respect, Sifang source company actively organized technical team for research and development, after several years of efforts, has been able to produce a variety of advanced automatic production equipment in the industry, through these equipment, can reduce half the labor, greatly improve production efficiency. Still, we need to keep moving forward and overcome more difficulties.

I wish the global garment industry and downstream industries, including the plastic hanger industry, sustainable and healthy development.


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