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How To Use Arrow 9s Tagging Gun?

How To Use Arrow 9s Tagging Gun?

A tag gun, also known as a tagging gun or price gun, is a tool used to quickly attach tags or labels to clothing and other items. It consists of a needle that punctures fabric and a trigger that dispenses the fastener for attaching the tag. Tag guns come in various sizes, and are used in retail stores, warehouses, and other commercial settings.

Sinfoo 9FL Long Needle Fine Tag Gun

Sinfoo 9FL Long Needle Fine Tag Gun

1.Thread the tagging gun with a tagger fastener. To do this, insert the curved end of the fastener into the open slot at the back of the tagging gun. Pull the trigger to attach the fastener.

2.Insert the tagger needle into the item you want to tag. Push the trigger gently to puncture the fabric and attach the tagger fastener.

3.Attach the price tag or label to the fastener.

4.To remove the tagger fastener, press the release lever on the side of the tagging gun. The fastener will come off easily.

For more instructions on the use of tagging guns, please click the video below to view. Sinfoo has been specializing in the production of tagging guns for more than 40 years and has served more than 60 countries around the world. Click to view the quotation of Sinfoo's whole station tag guns.

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