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Plastic Hangers Compared With Solid Wood Hangers (Previous)

Plastic Hangers Compared With Solid Wood Hangers (Previous)

Clothes hangers are essential supplies for our daily life and clothing industry, plastic hangers and solid wood hangers are two types of hangers with certain similarity in appearance and function, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of hangers? Here we do some simple comparison of them from several aspects.

Solid wood hangers are made of virgin wood, mainly beech, lotus, maple and pine, but also teak, black mahogany, white wood and eucalyptus, etc. Most of the high-quality wood is imported. Wooden hangers on the selection of materials to pay attention to the wood quality, wood grain, processing technology and use of stability and many other factors, especially high-end wooden hangers on the species and quality of wood requirements are high. The selected raw wood materials by the pressure planing, breaking material, flush edge, polishing, playing tenon, imitation and jointing and other processes to make a good wood hanger embryo, because the wood itself is susceptible to temperature, humidity, mold and pests and other factors, so the surface should be sprayed with a protective layer of paint. If it is to do advanced or special surface effect, its painting process and technology is more complicated. The whole production of wooden hangers requires more labor and high technical requirements for workers. Due to the long preparation time and long production time, the delivery time for mass production of wooden hangers generally takes one or two months.

The raw materials of plastic hangers are mainly PS, ABS and PP, supplemented by PVC, EVA and silicone and other non-slip soft rubber, as well as the color of the color powder or gold powder. Plastic raw material sources are mainly domestic large petrochemical enterprises and Taiwan imports, our company (Sifang source) of raw material sources are mainly Sinopec and Formosa Plastics, good quality. In addition, in order to meet the price needs of low-end customers, including Japan, the industry will generally use part of the modified recycled raw materials, its quality is generally less than the new material, mainly in the product flexibility, sturdiness (load-bearing) and aging resistance, the quality of good modified material performance is about 60%-90% of the new material, poor modified material in less than 50%. Our company will also use part of the modified material for the price sensitive middle and low end customers under the condition of knowing and confirming, but the quality used is better. As the main manufacturer of brand hanger production, the quality consciousness is relatively strong. Another very cheap or poor quality plastic hangers on the market usually use low-priced poor quality recycled material, poor appearance, easy aging.

Production methods, wood hangers do not need to develop expensive molds to manually operate the turning grinding spraying equipment, while plastic hangers must require special plastic molds, the cost of opening the mold needs to be 20-50,000 yuan, so it is usually a large demand for customers to open the mold, so that the cost of each product is spread evenly to the top of the low. The first time to open the mold generally takes about a month, once the mold is opened, it can be quickly mass production, its speed is much faster than the wooden hangers.

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