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Plastic hangers compared with solid wood hangers (next)

Plastic hangers compared with solid wood hangers (next)

The previous article introduced to solid wood hangers and plastic hangers in the raw material differences, now we can make the following summary of the material advantages and disadvantages of solid wood hangers and plastic hangers.


1. Raw materials: solid wood hanger raw material varieties are relatively more, but the requirements are high, preparation and processing time is long, the factors affecting the quality of wood more. Plastic hangers less variety of raw materials, but a wide range of sources, divided into new and recycled, easy to obtain, almost real-time supply, stable quality.

Plastic hanger raw materials are easily available and low cost


2. Price: solid wood hangers due to (high-quality) high prices of raw materials, intermediate production links, complex processes, costing more labor, so the price is high, high-quality adult wood hangers factory price is usually more than 20 yuan. Plastic hangers because the production process is relatively simple, consuming less labor, so the price is much lower, the price of ordinary adult plastic hangers in the following 3 yuan, high-grade after flocking or oil spraying and other processes, the price is generally in the following 10 yuan.


3. Life: solid wood hangers have a long commercial life, generally up to 3-5 years or even longer, but depending on the material and the environment. If the use of high ambient temperature, high temperature or pests, will shorten the life, if the outside paint aging fast, the hardware used oxidation rust will also end the commercial service life in advance. Special reminder, with the writer with, then the good wood hangers are not suitable for use as drying racks, will accelerate the aging of the protective layer, and thus long mold decay. Plastic hangers because of the material will occur aging and wear flowers, commercial life is shorter, usually below 3 years, use properly, use more than 3 years is completely possible, poor quality may be less than 1 year. Plastic hanger life is also affected by the material, process and environment, such as PP material long life, good adaptability (but the production molding process has a shortage of easy shrinkage), hardware accessories in the use of the process also has the problem of oxidation, process if there is on the paint, there is the possibility of aging, high temperature or sunlight environment will accelerate the aging of paint and plastic, too low temperature will make some materials become obviously brittle, such as PS material.

Solid wood hangers last longer

4.Image and pattern: solid wood hangers brand image is generally better than plastic hangers, which is more natural, stable, atmospheric, elegant and affinity temperament, but wood hangers due to the constraints of the material, price and positioning, the lack of change in shape style effect, while plastic hangers on the one hand can do high imitation wood hangers wood grain effect, can also have more other shapes, colors and patterns, product style style is very rich. High-end plastic hangers can also be done very stable atmosphere with taste.


5.The scope of use: solid wood hangers are mainly used in brand clothing stores, senior hotels and high-end clothing, generally not used in low-end stores or places, because these places with its high-end positioning is difficult to reflect. Plastic hangers because of its rich product line, can be applied to almost all occasions, not only to meet high-end needs, but also to meet special needs, such as storage space, air transport light clothing shipments and over the needle inspection machine.


6.Weight characteristics: solid wood hangers weight-bearing, but usually heavy itself, in addition to the display of shaping purposes, other applications are relatively small, if often taken will look bulky, inconvenient to use; plastic hangers are much lighter. Plastic hangers for a wide range of uses, different shapes have different clothing positioning, such as for light clothing space-saving or weight-saving use of plastic hangers require light and thin, while taking into account the weight-bearing, but can not require weight-bearing compared with the wide hangers, of course, is not suitable for heavy clothing. Plastic wide hangers for heavy clothing after scientific design, its weight-bearing can fully meet the demand.

7.Environmental protection: Both have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of environmental protection. It is generally believed that wooden hangers are more environmentally friendly, but in fact wooden hangers require the harvesting of trees, probably at the cost of destroying forests, and paint is essential in their production process. The wood of wooden hangers is basically not recyclable, but can be returned to nature through burning or natural degradation. Plastic hangers do not necessarily need to be sprayed with oil, brand new material is very friendly to people, but plastic hangers are difficult to degrade, either through recycling, or directly abandoned to form a waste that is difficult to decompose naturally, but of course can also be burned through the incinerator to play the waste heat.

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