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Knowledge and related applications of suspended granules

Knowledge and related applications of suspended granules

What is a sling?

Hanging grain is one of the more brand expression and performance tools used in clothing. The structure is divided into one molding, two in one, three in one, four in one, the middle pressure rope, two ends of each plug and socket can be inserted, plug is divided into one-time insertion and can be used repeatedly, mainly composed of rope, fork, plastic body, logo, hot color and other parts. Hanging grain is an indispensable part of clothing accessories and has brand effect.

Application of suspended granules

Hanging granule (rope) as the indispensable part in garment accessories, mainly used for hanging clothing tag, it is clothing and clothing tags (clothing brand identity, washing label and price tag, etc.) the connection between the link, a good set of tags, hanging grain collocation can reflect the clothing textiles design taste and more clothing brand effect, It is mainly composed of rope, fork, plastic body, logo, ironing several parts.

The process composition of hanging grain

Hanging granule (rope) early by some simple cotton rope, hemp rope, nylon rope, braided rope, such as playing form a circular use, cannot achieve brand highlight and page effect, after printing paper with aluminum shell stamping, but the shape is simple, iron clasps to clothing, now most of them adopt injection molding process, material is PS, ABS, etc., more Rope for nylon rope, polyester rope, cotton and linen rope. Hanging grain is mostly used for clothing, but also some brand watches, bags, shoes and hats, accessories, umbrellas and other products that need to hang labels.

Classification of suspended particles (Objective morphological classification)

The main categories of suspension are: one forming suspension, two in one suspension, three in one suspension, four in one suspension, core extraction suspension, aluminum shell suspension, ribbon suspension, ribbon buckle, rope bar, etc.; One of the molding, two in one, three in one, four in one can also be divided into: double fork hanging grain, single fork hanging grain, no fork hanging grain.

According to the shape, it can be roughly divided into: rectangle, square, round, cylinder, oval and other regular shapes. It can also be customized into various shapes according to needs, but the cost of customized shapes such as three-in-one, four-in-one and aluminum shell is higher.

According to the color of plastic can be divided into: monochromatic hanging grain, double color hanging grain, three color hanging grain.

According to the LOGO color can be divided into: bronzing (refers to all kinds of anodized aluminum hot) hanging grain, hot color hanging grain, printing hanging grain, drop plastic hanging grain, which printing and drop plastic color is rich, can be modulated at will, but the cost is slightly higher, the production cycle is slightly longer, the general use of bronzing process.

Note: Most of the above classification can be cross-matched into a whole suspension, such as: two in one round two-color bronzing suspension; Webbing buckle, rope buckle, rope bar and other buckle products for a relatively simple single product, but in the rope process and color combination is complex, it is an ideal choice for some low - and medium-price clothing or women's clothing, shirts, underwear.

Classification of suspended grains (by style)

Grain can also be roughly classified according to the style of clothing:

1, spring and summer clothes - the color is fresh and bright, the appearance is simple, and the two in one, three in one and other small shape hanging grain or button.
2, autumn and winter dress - the size of the shape is slightly larger, the process is more complex, the use of more stable color, such as black, coffee, jujube, dark green, navy blue and so on.
3, casual wear - the use of complex technology but simple shape of grain, rope buckle, ribbon buckle, ribbon grain, etc., color use khaki, coffee, beige, etc.
4, suit - shape is mostly rectangular, square and oval three in one, some high-grade clothing to prevent LOGO fade also use glue protection process.
5, trousers -- the shape of the small suspended grain and rope buckle, the color is relatively simple, such as black, blue and so on.
6.Shirts -- similar to spring and summer.
7.Jacket -- similar to autumn/winter wear and casual wear.
8.Women's dress -- smaller shape, but with certain modeling technology, bright color, such as red, yellow, light green, etc.
9, children's clothing - complex shape, bright and lively color, such as sky blue, pink, grass green, etc.
10, underwear - generally use thin thread buckle, rope bar, gun needle, etc., materials and technology are mostly environmental protection technology.
11, cases and bags - mostly single end hanging rope process, the product shape is larger.

Matters Needing Attention in purchasing

1.Function: The main function of the hanging grain is to hang the tag, so the fork and string must be firm. In order to cope with the extrusion of packaging and transportation, the string must be able to bear at least 2kg weight.

2.Color fastness: the grain and tag are directly hung on the clothing, so the requirements for color fastness are strong. The color fastness of suspended grain includes line, plastic, hot color, etc. Normal line and plastic are not easy to fade after strict control. Simple test method: boiling water immersion costs 3-5 cents. Some foreign trade orders will require a professional test report. But hot color is difficult to control, even if the best imported color foil can not protect against fading, so it is recommended to use gold foil anodized aluminum or black and white, higher requirements and the need for other colors can drop transparent organic protection.

3.Price choice: according to the grade of clothing and the acceptance of the factory to locate the choice of different prices, generally three in one, four in one, two-color and multi-color hanging grain price is higher, two in one, core pulling, wire buckle class is cheaper.

4.Style selection: can refer to the above style classification for selection, hanging grain needs to match with the tag into a set, so the design and selection need to consider the style of the tag is basically consistent, the best package, brochure, hanging tag, hanging grain and other VI design style and the main color is consistent.

Before the professional operation of the hanging grain less, small competitiveness, clothing hanging grain market, but now times have changed, more and more people realize the importance of clothing signs, worldwide currently engaged in clothing tags, hanging grain and other clothing accessories products manufacturers gradually increase, competition is growing. Clothing production enterprises pay more attention to the design of clothing trademark accessories. They use high-quality and unique trademark accessories as collocation to improve the overall value of their clothing products. Therefore, trademark accessories enterprises must keep up with this development and change.

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