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What you didn't know about the hang tag

What you didn't know about the hang tag

Recently, SINFOO customer service often receives such customers, asking us whether the hang tag production can be done in one day and half a day, "it is just a paper card", "can the price be cheaper". In fact, the composition of clothing hang tag is not only a paper card so simple, clothing hang tag is usually composed of brand surface, hanging grain and lasso and auxiliary material embryo material and accessories, forming different clothing hang tag. Today, let's talk about the knowledge of the card face on the hang card.

In fact, the hang tag is mostly offset printing paper products. There are also screen printed plastic products and so on. The principle of offset printing is relatively simple, but the quality of the machine and equipment directly affects the quality; Paper processing is more flexible, can be a variety of processing, relatively easy to express the designer's original soul.

About the rubber stamp, also known as drop plastic stamp, or PVC chapter, through the process of carving, high temperature shaping, the product is characterized by flexible expression, full of three-dimensional effect. In recent years, it is a prominent means of brand expression.

With respect to PVC LOGO, the rich plasticity of artificial leather and various plastics, coupled with screen printing and high-frequency hot pressing and other processes, get a soft and flexible shape of various materials.

On reflective materials, the use of reflective lattice reflective paint, strengthen the reflection effect of light, in strong light or night vision conditions, can make markers particularly visible.

About the three dimensional scale, also known as magic color scale. Using the optical principle, the pattern is printed on the grating through up to eight printing times, so that the pattern has a three-dimensional effect, and the planar logo can be moved or seen from different angles.

Clothing hang tag, with a disposable function and strong brand appeal function. Different companies use the tag paper, design shape, the use of technology is also different. Learned about card printing process friends all know that the production of clothing hang tags printing process: hang tag design - proofing - film, computer printing, hot stamping silver pressed, laminating, die-cutting, packaging process, and each working procedure of production is need time, and must be addition on the procedure, can continue to do the next working procedure.

The price of clothing hang tag customization is related to the material, size, surface treatment technology and quantity of the hang tag:

  1. The material of the hang tag. There are many optional materials for the hang tag, such as coated paper, kraft paper, single-sided and double-sided card paper, special paper, etc. The type of paper will affect the hang tag price.
  2. Specifications and dimensions of the hang tag. The larger the hang tag size, the more material will be used up and the price will be slightly higher.
  3. The process of hanging hang tag. General production of hang tag processing technology is covered (light glue, dumb glue), printing UV oil, bronzing, convex and so on. The price quoted by different processes is different, and the number of processes selected will also affect the price of the whole hang tag.
  4. The number of hang tags. No matter how many hang tags you have, the production process is the same, from a cost saving point of view, the more customized hang tags, the cheaper the price. Each manufacturer has a minimum order quantity for hang tag production. Sinfoo factory has a minimum order quantity of 10000 hang tags.
  5. The price of hang tag customization is also related to freight. Sinfoo operates in 67 countries, including the United States, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, and Brazil. Shipping, tariffs, and local logistics rules differ from country to country. For example, SINFOo has its own warehouse in the United States. If you are a customer in the United States, you can be cheaper than customers in other countries in terms of freight. For details, you can contact Sinfoo's professional customer service. After reading this article, do you still think the hang tag is just a simple paper card?   

Sinfoo has been adhering to the quality first, integrity-based, improve customer satisfaction, there is no best only better service concept, to provide customers with better quality products. Sinfoo has its own factory, specializing in the production and design of paper hang tag, grain, hang tag gun, hang tag, hanger and other clothing accessories, 47 years of production and wholesale experience, business scope covers 67 countries around the world, complete pre-sales and after-sales service. Free consultation, support ODM, OEM orders, global delivery, to provide you with one-stop service.


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